DT System Description

2-Wire systems do NOT need more cable wires to connect the components together. All the signal transfer for the system is sent via the two power wires in the power cable.
Two wires non-polarity system offers a 2Easy life for installers and end users, perfect performance, long-distance coverage and reduced costs make it unbeatable.
As an innovative technology, 2Easy non-polarity system is suitable for houses and block developments; it can also be applied in multiple blocks project.
All the functions offered by the system are provided using coding on the same two wires, this means the installation can be expanded at a later date, without having to add wires, making additional work less time consuming and providing many optional features.

From 1 to 250 apartments or villas compounds? 2Easy allows up to 32 monitors in one independent system(no matter in villa or apartment system) to be connected with just 2 wires, and it supports villa compounds, villa countries and multiple blocks by network mode, which greatly expand its application.?2Easy allows connection of external units up to 300 meters from the monitors. Moreover, many functions could be integrated in the system, such as Telephone transfer, IP network working, it makes end users' home smarter.