DT System Features

  • With only 2 wires (no polarity) throughout the whole installation, the 2 -wire system is a simplified installation system with minimum wiring and powerful features.
  • The minimum wiring drastically reduces installation times and errors. By means of FM video modulation and ASK data transmission technology, system provides better protection against interference, which guarantees best color quality at all points of the installation.
  • Centralized power supply for the entire system. With advanced power management, the whole system use only one power supply.
  • Use Plug -in connectors and DIP switchers for rapid installation.
  • Flexible cable connection to wire, support in -out, branching and mixed mode.
  • Multi Monitors for one apartment/house in same User Code, and automatically switching the video, what is more, all types of two wires monitors and door stations are compatible each other.
  • Except for traditional dual talking, selective intercom (point to point) as a unique advantage for room-room talking.
  • Proximity access control function, max. 1000 user ID cards.
  • Online searching and diagnose function for installer, and using PC to some subsidiary programming and services.