DT System functions

General function

  • Calling from door station;
  • Dual talking with external unit;
  • Dual intercom communication between indoor units;
  • Unlock during calling, conversation, monitoring;
  • Two locks for separate control;
  • Picture capture and continuous photo shooting, Home-away function of auto-recording;
  • Digital Photo Frame function (limit to the monitor supporting SD card);
  • Multi languages choosing &SD card languages upgrading;
  • CCTV Camera integrated;
  • Calling transfer via PBX to Telephone or Mobile phone;
  • IP network working for remote control;

Internal door station part

  • Full range line 3.5''/4''/5''/7''/10'' digital TFT;
  • Super slim design with surface mounting;
  • Touch screen operation with friendly interface;
  • Intercom by name list and selective intercom;
  • Selective monitoring each door stations or CCTV cameras;
  • Inner 128M flash picture memory and extended SD card recording;
  • Digital Photo Frame function;
  • Wall & Desktop installation;
  • 12pcs beautiful 8-chord melodies;
  • Mute function

External door station part

  • Metal housing (Aluminum, zinc-alloy, Stainless steel etc);
  • Water proof and dust proof, IP44?IP55);
  • High resolution camera (CCD, ARS camera);
  • Two independent relays for two locks control;
  • Code lock control & Proximity access control
  • Name plate display;
  • Camera adjustable;
  • Night-view;