System Description

Two wires non-polarity system offers a 2Easy life for installers and end users, perfect performance, long-distance coverage and reduced costs make it unbeatable.

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System Features

With only 2 wires (no polarity) throughout the whole installation, the 2 -wire system is a simplified installation system with minimum wiring and powerful features.

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System functions

Integrated Multi functions with simple operation makes the system more attractive, and modulized unit could give you a customized solution and save costs much.

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  • 170°wide visual angle;
  • Auto-sensor light illumination;
  • Unlock and talk indication;
  • Multi buttons for 1-4 users;
  • Proximity access control;
  • IP54 waterproof rate.
DT607 Product Information
  • Compact design;
  • Aluminum front panel;
  • Big backlit push button(Blue or White by setting);
  • IP43 weather proof;
  • Max. 170°fisheye lens;
  • *105°lens for optional.
DT610 Product Information
  • 170 degree fisheye high resolution camera;
  • Waterproof nameplate design with blue light background;
  • Anti-tamper screw installation;
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • Keypad password access control;
  • IP54 strong waterproof.
DT611(F)/KP Product Information
  • 170 degree fisheye high resolution Camera;
  • Waterproof nameplate design with blue light background;
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • Machanical keypad access control;
  • IP54 strong waterproof;
  • Surface and flush mounting optional.
DT611(F)/MK Product Information
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • 170 degree high resolution Camera;
  • 4mm plexiglass cover for protecting;
  • Proximity card access control;
  • IP54 protection rate;
  • Anti-tamper screw installation.
DT611(F)/ID Product Information
  • 170 degree high resolution Camera;
  • Large capacity(max.256 apartments via BDU);
  • Reliable proximity access;
  • Modularization
  • Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel
  • IP54 Proof
DT821 Product Information
  • Large capacity(max.128 apartments via BDU);
  • Aluminum alloy panel design with keypad;
  • Camera's angle is adjustable;
  • 3.5 inch color TFT display;
  • IP 44 protection rate;
  • Compatible with all DT two wire system models.
DMR18S Product Informationl
  • 2mm Stainless Steel panel;
  • Work-state indicators;
  • Max. 32 push buttons via extension;
  • Tag proximity supports;
  • Max.170°fisheye lens,*105°lens for optional.
DT608 Product Information
  • 4.3 inch TFT screen;
  • Touch button design with visual sweep;
  • Ultra thin design(17mm);
  • No screw assembling & no bracket;
  • Public memory & call transfer.
DT433 Product Information
  • 4.3" colour TFT screen;
  • White housing with plexiglass front panel;
  • Touch sensor button;
  • Hands-free communication;
  • Slim&ultra thin design.
  • Support Memory and call transfer modules;

DT437 Product Information
  • Ultra thin design;
  • Dummy mechanical button-layer design;
  • Sensitive touch sensor button;
  • High qualifed ABS plastic with signal;
  • Simplifed and intuitive menu style.
DT17S Product Informationl
  • 7" TFT touch screen
  • Touch screen and touch sensor button
  • Hands-free communication
  • Navigation dot for disable person
  • Pantilt&zoom under fisheye mode
  • Intercom and inner intercom
DT471 Product Information
  • New flattening icon design;
  • SMS service&Converstaion with mobile phone;
  • Host&Guest voice message leave function;
  • PIR motion detector via specified door station;
  • Image quad split function via DT-QSW;
  • Compatible with fisheye door station & Zoom in/out function;
DT47MG Product Information
  • Intercom call, Inner call, Guard unit call;
  • Meomery function build-in ;
  • Support additional ringer or door bell connect directly;
  • support local mode via home wif connect to smart phone, point to point;
  • Support divert mode via SIP server to connect to smart phone outside, max. 5pcs.
DX471 Product Information
  • Handsfree audio phone with 3 physical buttons;
  • Support 2 locks and inner call functions;
  • Easy setup by DIP switches;
  • Selectable ring melody and volume;
  • Aluminum front panel, door bell connection.
DT-DJ7A Product Information
  • Handset audio phone with 2 physical buttons;
  • Support 2 locks and inner call functions;
  • Easy setup by DIP switches;
  • Compatible with all DT outdoor & Indoor stations;
DT-DJ4A Product Information
  • Power comb unit for DT system;
  • Consist of HDR-30-24 Power supply and DT-DPS(V2) Power Separator
  • 4-Din rail combination
  • Can be used as an auxiliary power supply
  • Overload and over voltage protections;
  • 24V DC 1.5A output
  • Power seperator
  • Should work with power supply
  • Branch controller with 4 outputs;
  • For multi door stations input(max.2);
  • Or for 2 Indoor monitors input;
  • Branch controller with four outputs;
  • 4 outputs branch controller;
  • For multi door stations input(max.4);
  • Separate isolation protection;
  • Short-circuit indication;
  • Periodic self-detection.
DT-DBC4A1 Product Information
  • IP gateway converter , network devices;
  • Public memory,used as common memory module;
  • Call Transfe, wired connection with WAN network;
  • DATE/TIME showing on the UI of indoor unit.
  • Bus amplifier for DT system;
  • Extend system capacity and cable length;
  • Support Repeater or Router work mode;
  • Lock/light controller for DT system;
  • Separated installation for safer purpose;
  • Support high power-consumption lock;
  • With configurable timed output;
DT-RLC Product Information
  • 2nd lock controller for DT system;
  • 10A relay for powerful gate lock;
  • Safety control from monitors or keypad door stations;
  • Separated installation for safer purpose;
  • Not support 12V power supply internal.
  • Rise line distribution;
  • 4 channels, max.8 monitors per output;
  • General isolation, 4 din rail.
  • An independent gadget for privacy conversation;
  • 2-Wire monitor as a peripheral handset.