CCTV Surveillance
Simple Connection
Max.6 CCTV Camera
Full Screen Calendar
Time Display
Touch Screen
Digital Touch screen Technology
Friendly operation
Picture/Video memory
Inner 128M flash memory
Extended SD card recording is optional
Home away function with auto recording
Photo frame
Support Max.16G SD card memory
Digital photos play
Telephone converter
Calling transferring to fixed phone or mobile phone
Talk with visitor and unlock by phone
IP Converter
Remote control from Internet;

System Description

Two wires non-polarity system offers a 2Easy life for installers and end users, perfect performance, long-distance coverage and reduced costs make it unbeatable.

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System Features

With only 2 wires (no polarity) throughout the whole installation, the 2 -wire system is a simplified installation system with minimum wiring and powerful features.

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System functions

Integrated Multi functions with simple operation makes the system more attractive, and modulized unit could give you a customized solution and save costs much.

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  • 170°wide visual angle;
  • Auto-sensor light illumination;
  • Unlock and talk indication;
  • Multi buttons for 1-4 users;
  • Proximity access control;
  • IP54 waterproof rate.
DT607 Product Information
  • 170 degree fisheye high resolution camera;
  • Waterproof nameplate design with blue light background;
  • Anti-tamper screw installation;
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • Keypad password access control;
  • IP54 strong waterproof.
DT611(F)/KP Product Information
  • 170 degree fisheye high resolution Camera;
  • Waterproof nameplate design with blue light background;
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • Machanical keypad access control;
  • IP54 strong waterproof;
  • Surface and flush mounting optional.
DT611(F)/MK Product Information
  • Full stainless steel materials design;
  • 170 degree high resolution Camera;
  • 4mm plexiglass cover for protecting;
  • Proximity card access control;
  • IP54 protection rate;
  • Anti-tamper screw installation.
DT611(F)/ID Product Information
  • 170 degree high resolution Camera;
  • Large capacity(max.128 apartments via BDU);
  • Reliable proximity access;
  • Diverse module configurations;
  • Colorful LED for work status indicators;
  • Support 2nd lock via DT-RLC.
DMR21FE Product Information
  • Large capacity(max.128 apartments via BDU);
  • Aluminum alloy panel design with keypad;
  • Camera's angle is adjustable;
  • 3.5 inch color TFT display;
  • IP 44 protection rate;
  • Compatible with all DT two wire system models.
DMR18S Product Informationl
  • 2mm Stainless Steel panel;
  • Work-state indicators;
  • Max. 32 push buttons via extension;
  • Tag proximity supports;
  • Max.170°fisheye lens,*105°lens for optional.
DT608 Product Information
  • 4.3 inch TFT screen;
  • Touch button design with visual sweep;
  • Ultra thin design(17mm);
  • No screw assembling & no bracket;
  • Public memory & call transfer.
DT433 Product Information
  • 4.3" colour TFT screen;
  • White housing with plexiglass front panel;
  • Touch sensor button;
  • Hands-free communication;
  • Slim&ultra thin design.
  • Support Memory and call transfer modules;

DT437 Product Information
  • Ultra thin design;
  • Dummy mechanical button-layer design;
  • Sensitive touch sensor button;
  • High qualifed ABS plastic with signal;
  • Simplifed and intuitive menu style.
DT17S Product Informationl
  • New flattening icon design;
  • SMS service&Converstaion with mobile phone;
  • Host&Guest voice message leave function;
  • PIR motion detector via specified door station;
  • Image quad split function via DT-QSW;
  • Compatible with fisheye door station & Zoom in/out function;
DT47MG Product Information
  • Intercom call, Inner call, Guard unit call;
  • Meomery function build-in ;
  • Support additional ringer or door bell connect directly;
  • support local mode via home wif connect to smart phone, point to point;
  • Support divert mode via SIP server to connect to smart phone outside, max. 5pcs.
DX471 Product Information
  • Handset audio phone with 2 physical buttons;
  • Support 2 locks and inner call functions;
  • Easy setup by DIP switches;
  • Compatible with all DT outdoor & Indoor stations;
DT-DJ4A Product Information
  • Branch controller with 4 outputs;
  • For multi door stations input(max.2);
  • Or for 2 Indoor monitors input;
  • Branch controller with four outputs;
  • 4 outputs branch controller;
  • For multi door stations input(max.4);
  • Separate isolation protection;
  • Short-circuit indication;
  • Periodic self-detection.
DT-DBC4A1 Product Information
  • Power comb unit for DT system;
  • Universal AC input/full range
  • Short circuit, overload and over voltage protections;
  • Din-rail mounting;
  • DC28V 1.5A output;
PC6A Product Information
  • Power comb unit for DT system;
  • Universal AC input/full range;
  • Used for low consumption application;
  • DC24V 0.75 output;
  • Power separator;
  • Non polarity connection;
DPS Product Information
  • IP gateway converter , network devices;
  • Public memory,used as common memory module;
  • Call Transfe, wired connection with WAN network;
  • DATE/TIME showing on the UI of indoor unit.
DT-IPG Product Information
  • Bus amplifier for DT system;
  • Extend system capacity and cable length;
  • Support Repeater or Router work mode;
  • Lock/light controller for DT system;
  • Separated installation for safer purpose;
  • Support high power-consumption lock;
  • With configurable timed output;
DT-RLC Product Information
  • Rise line distribution;
  • 4 channels, max.8 monitors per output;
  • General isolation, 4 din rail.
  • An independent gadget for privacy conversation;
  • 2-Wire monitor as a peripheral handset.